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28 September 2011

I Want To Be A Singer

Mom dancing with her favorite activities person, Kathy
Kathy is awesome!
So many people think that they can sing; heck, watch the first few shows of American Idol.  My ears!

I love singing.  I sing a lot, especially when I'm happy because it makes me happier.  I sing Frank Sinatra songs; I know some of the words and all of the melody.  I sing out loud in stores when I'm with my mother.

"Somewhere.... beyond the sea... somewhere, waiting for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

My mom likes it when I sing.  Sometimes I wonder if she thinks it's my dad singing to her... he had an amazing voice.

Last weekend at the home, a few residents were in the hall waiting to be put in their beds.  I was walking with my mom.  I started to sing.  My mom started to have a spring in her step.. bouncing more with each foot forward.  I took her in my arms and we started to dance in front of the residents while I sang.  I was cheered on!

"Beautiful!"  My little friend shouted out as she tapped her foot and hands, smiling as she watched me dance with my mom.

Egged on... I sang more, with feeling and emotion as I danced with my mom.

My other little friend, she started to sing along and tap her foot too.  It was fun to entertain the folks in the hall.  Now, I want to be a singer.

So... I'm going to sing.

I gathered all the happy Frank Sinatra tune lyrics and memorized the words... come this weekend, I will begin to perform for my mom and her friends.


  1. I love this! Music and song are a great healer. It is like when we invite the seniors over to hear our player piano and we would all sing! It is like a small piece of heaven.

  2. Thanks, Sheri! Music sure does heal the soul. Wish we lived closer, I'd love to come over and sing along with all of you.