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03 October 2011

Visiting the Nut House

Dr. Clown
It's never easy to visit the Nut House, people screaming and attempting to communicate; sounds that blend together like it's own symphony of insanity.  On the surface, it is down right frightening to enter the Unit where my mom lives.

Why do I go everyday?

Over the hundreds of hours that I have spent at the nursing home since my mom has been admitted, I've gotten to know my mom's friends.  I have a few favorites; they've got personality even in their demented state of mind.

The most rewarding aspect of visiting the Nursing Home is seeing the folks smile.  My mom is usually happy to see me.  Occasionally, she is pissed off and declares her disdain for me.

Recently, I spent the entire day with her, took her out for a drive, bought her a coffee and had a few good laughs. Only later did I get reprimanded for not being with her; she believed she was with my sister Ann.  I can't win with my mom, she redirects her anger meant for my siblings, toward me.

Mom feels better thinking that she's not been abandoned by her children.  I'm glad I can fill the void.  I fill the void for a lot of the residents.  It gives them better days and keeps the Nut House a bit more peaceful.

I love the Nut House, I love all the residents and seeing their smiling faces.  It's easy to make a difference in someone's life.  I am on a mission to teach the world how to embrace a senior.  A little goes a long way in the Nut House!

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