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27 May 2011

Thank God

Today I got the call.  My mom's insurance approved the out of network home that I found for her.

Placement is all in the works RIGHT NOW!

I'll bring my mom to the nursing home at 2:30 today after I pick her up from the Day Program.

Tonight... I will get to sleep without a baby monitor.

Thank you everyone who prayed or sent positive thoughts out to the Universe... IT WORKED!

Thank God!


  1. I am so happy for you! Happy for your Mother also..

  2. Ah, what good news! I hope that it will be a reasonably smooth transition for both you and your mom.

  3. good news indeed!

    I remember the nights sleeping with a baby monitor, only half asleep praying that you dont have to make a mad dash to the other room...

  4. this is slyde, btw... stupid blogger still wont let me post on about 10 percent of the sites i go to....

  5. Now you need to get some rest and relaxation. You have had such stress on mind and body for soooooo long. You and Bryan have a great weekend! I am happy for you and your mom that a bed was found for her. Praise God that insurance came through for you! Big hugs, Karen

  6. I hope you are getting some much needed rest tonight Sue :)

  7. I'm buzzing... Exhausted... Can't sleep. instead, I am drinking wine and singing along to my husband playing his drum... Finally, I am enjoying time with my husband. Thank you.. Everyone... Especially Mother Mary, you didn't forget me!