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10 October 2011

Taking Rides From Strangers

Mom's Great Grandson
... looks a lot like dad.
It was March 1977 and I was 16.  I had two nephews, one was about a year old, the other was 3 years old.  I will always love my nephews, Joe and Drew.  We grew up together.

It's because of the boys that I had learned the responsibility tied to children; children are forever; not in my cards.  I am grateful for my nephews Joe and Drew for being a guidepost on my life's journey.  I love them.

Tonight, I was thinking of the seniors at the home where Mom lives.  I began to reminisce for all the old folks that left an impression on me... there were so many; most never told me their names.

One freezing cold day in March, I was babysitting for my nephews.  I was bored with their house and decided to hop the bus from the side of town where they lived to City Hall Square in Lynn where I lived.

I bundled the kids up as best that I knew how at age 16.  Andy (now Drew) was about a year old, barely walking and cute as a button. His massively big blue eyes got him lots of action figures when he was older.  Joe was 3 years old and my little buddy; Joe was my first 'real' doll who looked like a little cherub with his pudgy cheeks.

Waiting at the bus stop, it was freezing cold.  The wind was horrible and the kids were crying.  An old man pulled up to the bus stop and asked us if we wanted a rid.  He saw how cold it was and worried that we would freeze waiting for the bus.  It was wicked cold so I said, "OK."  My nephews and I hopped into this strangers car and he drove us to my home.

No problem.  No issue.  Just a sweet old man who helped me.  No wonder I love seniors.

My entire life, seniors have been my guardian angels... now, I get to pay it forward and become the guardian angel for a senior.

Isn't life grand?

Taking a ride from a stranger isn't always bad... it is more than likely dangerous and thinking about it now at the age of 51, it's freaking scary that I even did that with the kids.  I don't even know if my sister knows... well, she does now.

The lesson I hope to teach is sometimes it's OK to take a chance.

Lately, life at the nursing home feels like I'm taking a ride from a stranger...


  1. What a great story. Inspires me to reflect on some of the wonderful moments in the past. It is sometimes so difficult to embrace that glowing ember of grace when most of the the daily encounters now have become painful or conflicted.
    May grace continue to follow you. :)