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15 July 2011

Jay's First Day At Day Care

Jay and the Day Program nurse
Jay started to enjoy herself with in 5 minutes of entering the building

I have an awesome Aunt... her name is Jay.  Jay has always been a part of our lives.  She never married; she spoiled all of her nieces and nephews.  Jay was a Care Giver to my Bacci; she was the one who taught me the importance of caring for seniors, especially my mother.

If you talked to Jay before today she would often say, "I'm a lost soul."  She was displaced from her home because of black mold.  My brother Marty and my favorite Sister-in-law Patricia moved her in to their house to live.

It's been tough for Jay this last year.  She's been away from her neighborhood, her church and all things familiar.

Life happens.

Jay's friends are passing and she's found herself with no friends.  She was a social butterfly, trapped in a net; until today!

I found an awesome Day Program for Jay to attend not far from her home.  Nurses, a staff of people to wait on her and a room full of happy seniors was exactly what Jay needed.  Our challenge was convincing her that this was the place for her, not the senior center in town.

On the drive, Jay thought I was taking her to a nursing home.  She was peeved off at me.  I said, "Jay, give it a chance... I know you are going to LOVE this place that I found for you."

She wouldn't believe me; instead she coped an attitude.  One excuse after another she offered; all reasons for her not needing to go.

"Oh, Marty will miss me."  Jay said.

"No he won't because you will be home for dinner."  I replied.

"Well, the dogs.  I can't leave the dogs home all day alone.  The dogs will miss me."  Jay softly interjected.

"Aw, the dogs will be fine; dogs can't tell time... when you get home they'll be happy to see you... "  I shot back an answer, anything to debunk her fear.

Convinced that Jay would love the place I said, "Ok, so when you love the place will you say, Susan, you were right!"  I asked.

Clutching her purse she seemed nervous as she agreed to my request.

The unexpected road detour didn't help, all of a sudden the road that the navigation system told me to take had ended.  Now what?!  Is all I could think to myself.

Turning left and right, this way and that way; I was lost and the trip to the Day Program was taking 3 times longer than expected.  Jay was becoming more anxious because it seemed so far away.

"Patricia is wonderful.  She's like my sister."  Jay began an attempt to change the subject to calm her thoughts.

I agreed.  I love Patricia.

Finally, we arrived.

We were greeted by the owner with a warm welcome.  Immediately, she put Jay at ease.  She showed us around.  Jay looked at me with wide eyes and a big smile as she said, "I thought you were taking me to a nursing home!"

Jay met a new friend named Betty a firecracker of a woman about the same age.  Immediately they began to chat.

Jay's new friend... Betty

"I'm so light headed."  Jay said to her new friend.

"I get that way too."  She said. "But, what I do is take a little salt in the palm of my hand and lick it and the lightheaded feeling goes away."  Betty added.

Before long, Jay was asking for salt to lick out of her hand; she instantly liked her new friend.  Jay loves remedies that are simple.

Music to my ears.


  1. "When you're right, you're right!" Aaaah, such sweet music to your ears!!

  2. Nev Marchand
    Hi Susan, its wonderfull to see someone willing to care for the aged.
    I need to contact you as my sister in law has diabetes 2 & am sure fenugreek will help her, I have already sent her your article about your mother.my address is whiljoe@yahoo.com God Bless

  3. hello Nev.... I'm not a doctor. My advice for your sister is to find a reputable Naturopath Doctor. I found ours through the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians.


    Food is important. It's a natural medicine.

    Thank you for your comment.

  4. Wow, I am thrilled to come across your blog. I have just started acupuncture for a running injury, and am becoming very interested in alternative natural cures/medicines.

    Thanks for taking the time to share your story and experiences!

  5. Thank you for your comment, Aye. I'm happy that you found my blog. Alternative natural treatments are amazing. Acupressure is something you can do on yourself and IT WORKS!

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