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09 July 2011

32 Years

Ma and Dad
25th Wedding Anniversary Party

Today is the 32nd anniversary of my dad's passing; he was 49.

I was 18 going on 19 when one of my childhood nightmares manifested.  Dad's illness came on suddenly.  The cancer in his body took over and he was dead within 7 months.

Pancreatic cancer was my dad's killer.

Dad was my biggest fan.  He encouraged my creativity and listened to my dreams.  I was fortunate to have him as my father; he taught me lessons that have carried me through life.

Thanks Dad!

Today, dad is in my thoughts as I wonder what life would have been like for my family and me if he had lived to be an old man.

32 years... it seems like yesterday.

If the spirit of those we love can hear us, I have a message for my dad...

I love you dad!  Please help me with Ma.


  1. lung cancer was my father in law's killer last year... simply horrible to see such a strong man become so weak.


  2. Cancer is a horrible way to go. The only blessing in most cases is it's quick. I do miss my dad, especially when I'm dealing with heavy stuff associated with my mom and family.


    He always taught me to wait it out because nothing lasts forever.