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10 March 2011

Where the Wind Blows

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Lewy Bodies Dementia is like the wind; it blows when it blows and can disrupt our lives when we least expect it.  

Certain types of foods seem to wake up Lewy, bringing this dreaded illness front and center into our lives.  From my experiences, Lewy can appear with a vengeance, especially after my mom eats something processed or white.  White bread made from wheat is a sure way to bring on the crazies as well as explosive bowels.

I've been cooking with more spices and herbs, ingredients that always seem to give my mom more good days.  Turmeric and black pepper combined is amazing how well it works with my mom's cognition.  She's less confused and can find her words more easily.  Communication is better after my mom eats a meal with thyme, oregano, cumin, coriander, rosemary, turmeric and black pepper.

Last night, I made her favorite, Eggplant Parmesan (gluten free.)  I added a teaspoon of turmeric to the tomato sauce; it added a nice kick of flavor.  My mom loved her dinner, eating ever speck of food off her plate.  

When my mom doesn't like her meal, she will move it all over her plate and cover it with a piece of tissue.  It reminds me of the old trick that my classmates and I tried when we were kids in Grammar school.  The nuns would walk around and make sure we ate our lunch, always able to detect the child like deceptions that more food was eaten.

Nuns would always say, "The children in Bangladesh would love to have this lunch.  You need to eat your food and be grateful that you have food."    Logic.  It didn't work on me as a kid and definitely doesn't work on my mom who has reverted to her second toddler-hood; thanks to Lewy.

Today my mom woke up in a good state of being.  She was alert and able to swallow her supplements without much coaxing.  She ate all of her breakfast, oatmeal and blueberries.  Dressing her was a breeze.  This morning, my mom was able to converse with me more than past mornings.  It's a good day.

Blood pressure reading was very good this morning; typically running 200/70 something in the morning when she wakes up.  Today, it was 150/70 and that was right after she had eaten breakfast!

I've always noticed that when my mom's Blood Pressure and Blood Glucose readings are low, she tends to have better cognition and her word finding is such that she can communicate.

Today, the wind has blown Lewy away.  I am grateful.  I wonder if it's the herbs and spices that I put in her dinner last night that chased storm Lewy out of town?

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