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02 October 2013

I Need Your Help

Irene with Sam and Amelia
August 2013
On September 4, 2013, everything changed in an instant when George woke up and found his wife paralyzed and laying on the floor.  Irene, once an active grandmother and a small business owner with her husband George, is now laying in a Stroke Rehabilitation Hospital, unable to speak or move her right side.  Her diagnosis is at least 12 months of disability.  It is a nightmare we all fear, especially if we are uninsured.

We never know when tragedy will strike our families.  Often we go about our business, never thinking twice about the people we care about and love.  Then, in a second lives change.  No warning.  Nothing.  Just a sudden shock, a jolt like no other one experiences in life. 

Unfortunately, tragedy has struck this family.  My family. 

Irene, grandmother "Mimi" to my great nephew Sam and great niece Amelia, has been a victim to a major stroke.   Life has changed drastically for everyone she loves, especially Irene’s grandchildren.  Too young to really understand what is going on, 5 year old Sam is asking how long before Mimi is better.    We all wish we had a better answer for Sam than “I’m not sure.”

Carrying no health insurance because the premiums were too high, she opted to defer healthcare coverage.  Without health insurance, and making a few hundred dollars too much for subsidized care programs in Maine, George and Irene run the risk of losing everything they have worked so hard to build.  EVERYTHING!

And they built a lot.

Escaping communist Hungary in 1980 with their only child, 3 year old Melinda, George and Irene made it to America.  The Promised Land.  The land of opportunity.  The couple became American citizens, and with much hard work became icons in their community Bowdoinham, running a successful auto repair business for over 17 years, G&G Auto Repair. 

Like most small business owners, the tough economy has affected their bottom line.  Barely making ends meet, Irene has taken ill at the worst possible time.  Medical bills have begun to attack a bank account already struggling to stay out of the red. 

Irene and George need our financial help. 

Please help.   Every penny counts, it all adds up, and will help move us one step closer to having Irene back home where she belongs.

Irene and George built their American Dream after escaping an oppressive government.   Please help them avoid living the American nightmare of financial ruin due to healthcare costs.  Any amount of money that you can donate will be greatly appreciated, and will be used to help Irene get back to playing with little Sam and Amelia again. 

We have set up a donor page on the GiveForward.com website.  Please visit the Irene Stroke Recovery Fund page and give what you can.  Every penny is greatly appreciated.


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