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30 March 2013

Time Makes Everything Better

Jay, Easter 2011

Jay's been settling in at Rehab, getting stronger every day.  She is walking a lot with her walker and doing her best to eat more nutritious foods.  I bring her beet juice when I visit; it seems to help increase her appetite, just like it did for my mom.

My aunt, she has her mind and could potentially move to assisted living very soon, not a nursing home.  I am grateful that I had done so much research on facilities when I was shopping for a place for my mom.  It has made it super easy to find a place for Jay.

Change is scary for Jay.  It is difficult to tell her about the changes, especially that she isn't going back to my brother's house to live.  Yesterday, Marty told her that her cat Molly died.  Lots of changes.  "I am not getting anymore cats."  She responded when she heard the news about her sick cat.

One day at a time is all we can do.  Visiting and calling her on the phone to show her that we love her is helping.  We found her a beautiful place to live.  Luxurious and top notch, nothing but the best for our aunt who gave so much to all of her nieces and nephews.

Again, I find myself looking to the sky pleading with my deceased parents, "Ma, Dad?  Can you help persuade Jay that living in an assisted living facility is a good idea?"

Time makes everything better.


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