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21 March 2013

Mom's Last Breath

Me and Mom
Whole Foods - Woburn
October 2011

"I've never seen anything like it."  My mom's nurse, Martine said.  "In all the years that I have been a nurse, I have never seen anyone pass and then have all the wrinkles in their face vanish.  Your mom, she looked like a young girl after she passed, she was so beautiful.  She was peaceful.  I usually see suffering and your mom did not suffer.  It was beautiful."

I was delighted to talk to Martine, one of the nurses who was with my mom when she took her last breath in the middle of the night.

Why did my mom's wrinkles vanish after she stopped breathing?  Does anyone know why this phenomenon happens sometimes?  Martine told me that the following week another resident who lived with my mom had passed and like my mom, she turned into a young girl.  Did my mom and Barbara become instant angels?

Could it be all the whole foods and natural supplements had contributed to my mom's peaceful ending?  I don't know for sure.  I had a belief that if I fed my mom healthy and nutritious foods she would have a better end.  My strong belief in how to care for my mom kept me persistent, never did I give up.  I fought the good fight for my mom because I had observed other seniors who lived with my mom, they all seemed to do worse when fed more pharmaceuticals and food that was not alive with nutrients.

For my mom, she had fresh fruit and beet juice every day.  Food that was alive with micro nutrients   I believe my approach to helping my mom is what gave her more good days right up to the very end.

Today, I close my eyes and I can still hear the last words my mom said to me the week before she died; "Oh, your hair looks nice."   I always loved it when she complimented my hair or my cloths.  God bless her for being cognizant enough to notice and leaving me with so much peace.

My mom's face, her cute little face smiling up at me, with twinkling eyes that made me feel like "we did it!"   I tucked my mom in bed for the last time as I said to her,  "I love you, Ma.  Sleep with God."


  1. i have never heard of that before... perhaps the stress of everyday living in pain contorts the face in a way that leaves us when we pass, giving us the image of being less wrinkly?

  2. Slyde... I like your explanation. My very Catholic aunt told me that it was because she became an instant angel.