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13 August 2011

A Great Nurse

It's been difficult having my mom in a nursing home.  I am ready to have others take over the heavy lifting involved with caring for her.  I have been ready since May 27th when she was admitted to the facility.  However, her care has been less than stellar; Mom's been abused.

Abuse in nursing homes is real.  The atmosphere is prison-like; where seniors who have done no crime except get old are held.  It's sickening and frightening.

How can we as a society abandon senior citizens and dump them in nursing homes?  Where's the dignity?  Where's the respect?

Based on my observations, not all nurses are alike; the special ones have nursing in their heart and soul.

I'm grateful that Mom's got a great nurse, Stephen.  He was on a well deserved two week vacation.  Boy, was he missed.

The home is always brighter when Stephen is on duty.  The home is peaceful.  People are quiet.  No one screams out in distress; folks in the home are naturally calm.  Stephen is compassionate.

Yesterday, Stephen returned and I witnessed something that made my eyes well up with tears; happy tears.

Stephen walked around to EVERY resident and said hello.  He spoke with them and greeted all of them individually with a caring touch.  "How are you?!  How have you been?"  He was treating everyone with dignity and respect.  In my opinion, this is a sign of a GREAT NURSE.

Last night, because of Stephen, I took the night off.  I didn't feel the need to rush to the home to check on my mom and the other residents that I've befriended.  I was confident that they were all safe.

At last, a little peace... One of Mom's human angels was watching over her; first time in two weeks I have been able to relax at night and laugh with my husband.  Mom... she slept through the night!

Thank you Stephen... in my opinion you are a great nurse and I'm relieved when you are caring for my mom and her friends.  I wish all nurses were like you, Norma and Mini.


  1. So true, so true. And when supervisors and directors have this true/honest compassion for their residents, that helps to show the other employees what their attitude should be.

  2. Mariarose... YOU are right! Also, the help needs to be trained in dementia care if they are to work on a dementia care unit.