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14 April 2011

Uncle Al Is Getting On The Bus

Uncle Al looking dapper in his $1.97
Building 19 Sunglasses
March 2009
Uncle Al is dying as I write this post.  His breathing is 16 breaths per minute; dropping and raising as the life is slowly leaving his body.

Maryann and Dan have not left his side, talking to him, telling him it's OK to go.  His little Princess saw him yesterday, she held his hand as she said, "I love you Grampy."  Uncle Al, her Grampy... responded by squeezing her tiny little hand.

Winking at Maryann yesterday, we all believe that he heard what she was saying to him.  Father and daughter had there final time together in this lifetime; Uncle Al wasn't dying alone.

I'll miss Uncle Al.  I've missed him for awhile now, dementia took him from us, just like it's taking my mom.

Today, I got to say my Goodbye to Uncle Al ... Maryann held her phone to his ear and I talked to him.  It's a common belief that hearing is the last sense to go before we pass.

I'm grateful to have been able to talk to my Uncle Al one last time.

"Dan will take care of Maryann and your Princess, it's OK for you to go... I love you, Uncle Al.  Remember when I told you 2 years ago that it's OK to visit me when you pass?  It's still OK but you better not scare me when you do!  .... My dad and Ed are waiting for you to get on the bus, Uncle Al.  They'll bring you to your big party in Heaven where Aunt Jeannette is waiting for you.  It's OK.  I love you and we'll see you soon."  I reassured him.  I had to stop talking, I was on the verge of sobbing.

Uncle Al is leaving.

He could be gone right now.

I sit and wait for the call to arrive.

My mom is on her way home from her day program.  She has Lewy Bodies Dementia; I've decided not to tell her that her only living sibling has died.  I worry what it will do to her mental state of mind; she can't process information very well.  Mom hasn't asked for her brother in awhile.

Death, even though it's part of life, really does make the living mourn the loss.

I can't help but wonder... will my mom start seeing Uncle Al?  Will she see him get on Heaven's Bus?

This is my favorite picture of Uncle Al and my mom.
March 19, 2009

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