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25 February 2009

Uncle Al Discovers Wii Music

During one of Uncle Al's visits to my house I showed him Wii Music and how he could play any instrument.

Back in his middle aged days he played the organ and had one in his foyer to his house. Uncle Al loved to write songs about his adopted daughter, Maryann. I can't tell you how many times we all sat and listened to him play this one song that he had written where he would sing about Maryann, over and over and over again. All I remember from the song are the words, "Oh Maryann... Ohhhh Ohhhh Maryann....". Too bad video with sound wasn't readily available back then, I'm sure I would have recorded it for posterity.

Here's a big key to help you if you ever find yourself demented, make sure you have video and pictures of EVERY IMPORTANT event in your life (and more)so that you can find peace when the world around you is so unfamiliar.

I have been reading up on dementia since it seems to be hereditary. I did learn that the short term memory goes first and the best way to keep someone with dementia from having bad behavior is to bring back memories that they remember. It seems to cut down on their frustration level and they don't act out.

Uncle Al loves music and it's an old memory for him that would bring him peace.

One day I had an epiphany and thought, "Hmmmm, I wonder if Uncle Al will enjoy Wii Music because he can play the piano like a concert pianist with out any skill required."

Here's the video clip of Uncle Al playing Wii Music. He's wearing my mom's red sweater. I'm not sure why but my mom keeps wanting to dress Uncle Al. I think it's her way of feeling needed where she's taking care of her big brother. I love how Uncle Al doesn't care and wears my mom's red sweater. He's a joy to have around.


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